Sunday, November 9, 2008

Character Design: Pink Sock Monster

the laundry mat fears pink sock monster
he'll eat your socks and turn pink....whats his default colour?
who knows
just put your underwear on your head if you see him cuz he likes it
and won't bite your armpit if you do

Pink sock monster is one of my more unusual character designs. If you've been watching my Deviantart site you will instantly recognize this strange furry monster. He seems to be very popular there which was highly unexpected. He even made the coveted Daily Deviation! When that happened my inbox was full of fans sharing their affection for this cuddly little demon! I'm wondering if I should draw some more of him and explore his wiley nature. His personality reminds me of the little blue guy in Lilo&Stitch before he turns all soft and friendly. If you are or know of a plush doll/toy maker, feel free to contact yours truly! hahaha
thanks for lookin'
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