Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Layout and Colours! CAST YOUR VOTE!!!

Ok so I had a small window of opportunity to work on my blog inbetween some major projects(to be announced soon!) I've changed the layout and the colours slightly. Switching the posts to the right of the blog as opposed to the left. The colours have moved from dark blue to a softer dark grey. I felt that the blue was a bit harsh to look at when I was tired-which is all the time these days due to the long hours I've been working lately.

I plan to develop content for this blog full time with more in-depth tutorials and WIP videos soon, but for now it's gotta stay part time X) To make this a reality I've installed quickads and a donate button. Some people used to be very against the idea of putting ads on a blog, but I've noticed that it's now becoming more and more accepted. I personally don't mind seeing them as long as they aren't those really annoying pop up ones that scroll with the page or flash violently at the viewer.

I saw a great way to look at it over on Steve Pavlina's site. If putting ads on my blog will enable me to expand value to my viewers it's win/win. This will make it possible to set aside more and more time to create exclusive artwork for this blog with the above mentioned tutorials and video-captures and my viewers get to enjoy more in-depth and engaging content. I encourage your feedback to the matter so drop me a line in this blogs comments.

I have received several requests to setup a store on my blog as well-selling prints etc...If anyone knows how to do this with blogger feel free to share that info as well!

so here's a snapshot of the site BEFORE

and here's a snapshot of the AFTER

To cast your vote please use the Poll set up at the top left of the blog. You can cast multiple votes, for for NEW and I'm hungry etc...please don't vote for NEW and OLD-I have provided a Neutral vote the that hahaha. Also drop a comment with suggestions for colours layouts or ad placement as well in this posts comment section. Note:after voting u can see the tally by clicking 'see results'-u may have to scroll to the right to see them.

Thanks for you time and thanks for your continued support!!!
until next time...


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