Monday, December 1, 2008

Spiderman & Darkstalkers & Comics & promo art!

Hey guys'n'gals
Since I have no time right now to do some fresh new work for the blog, I thought I would share a blast from the past or two. The first page is a compilation of some artwork that was used as self promotion through Udon comics. This was part of a bundle package(I'm sure I'll be uploading the rest of it eventually) it resulted in getting some freelance gigs like the Thundercats:Enemy's Pride mini series and even two issues of Darkstalkers! I love Capcom so you can imagine how excited and honoured I was to land such a gig! I posted a page of it above for your viewing pleasure...or displeasure hahaha. I did the character pencils and inks and my good buddy Scott Hepburn did the backgrounds. Thanks Scott!
hope you like

until next time!

Spiderman, Wolverine copyright Marvel Ent.
Blanka, Cammy & Streetfighter copyright Capcom
Darkstalkers & related characters copyright Capcom

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