Monday, March 2, 2009

Dominance Wars mini warmup contest

detailed closeup

started as a thumbnail: ballpoint pen on small notepad

scanned into Photoshop and blurred the lines,
added multiply layer and laid down some rough colours as a base

cropped and enlarged the work area,
continued with colouring and details

flipped and adjusted details and colours

Final image
*submission was without the cheese border and silly name X)

Ok so here's my rushed attempt at the recent Dominance Wars mini contest. Dominance Wars is basically a contest held at the Game Arisans website which calls out to all other art forum websites to battle it out in a mega forum wide contest! Each warrior...submits their art through the art forum of their choice-mine being CGHub cuz it roolz X)
This time around there is a mini contest before the major wars to get everyone warmed up. The topic is to design a General of any type kind race or flavour you like, as long as it reads as a general.
I was pretty much decided that there was simply too little time to even think about entering an art contest with the current workload but my stubborn nature took over and...well I think I could've used the sleep rather than rush this one through. My 'general' look more like the captain of the loveboat-well not his face but his uniform-hence his name: Gen'ral Loveboat...le sigh... I was fairly happy with his grotesque face and level of detail within...but I failed with epic proportions on the costume and overall design. I've included some W.I.P. and some detail shots.
enjoy if you can lol


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