Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snails, aliens and Snaliens!

art by Mike Vriens!

Today's post is dedicated to my my favourite *and only* brother (of the same mother) Mike, who's art has been a constant source of inspiration and entertainment all my life.

I spent my entire childhood by his side, drawing on the floor or kitchen table on scrap paper, envelopes and eventually perforated 'computer paper' that folded up to form giant stacks of imagination fuel... our tool of choice were either run of the mill Bic pens or those simple HB pencils found in drugstores. We would create entire worlds filled usually with dinosaurs, cavemen and the occasional wooly mammoth.

We would sometimes even make interactive war scenes by drawing landscapes...aka a single line representing hills...maybe a tree or two...we would then proceed to draw our own armies on opposing sides. These of course were mostly stick men-but with our imaginations they were all unique and individual soldiers or demons. The next step was to draw the arcing missiles and dotted lined gunfire at the opposing forces all the while laughing at the 'on screen' antics. The game 'Worms' reminds me of those childhood days actually. I wonder if we still have some of those crazy old masterpieces laying around at my parents place...hmmm...

I highly recommend you take the 'click trip' over to his own corner of the world wide web if you like quirky creatures, cluttered sketchpages with comical word bubbles defacing themselves...or if you like to read about 'outside the box' drawing techniques such as scribing...something that I think a lot of artists could relate too.

here's a little window in the world of froosh...aka Mike Vriens

here's the door to that wonderful world-

ps. please leave a comment if you like what you see, and give him a polite kick in the pants to post moar already!! haha

thanks for stoppin' in!
until next time
Joverine outs

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lost Oro post

apparently when I hit publish post this didn't publish(months ago)
for those who have seen this on Deviantart and my other online
homes please ignore...or enjoy all over again?

I like drawing this ol' chap for some reason...never really played streetfighter with him but like him anyways

maybe i find it funny that he kicks the lil' whippersnappers with one hand tied behind his back? who knows?
starting to look like he's in that weird dimension from LOTR that frodo could walk in...that or he's flyin around atop a passenger plane as seen in his ending? who knows

painted with cintiq in pshop
added in a texture of a waterfall to get that misty cloud look and played with layer opacity and whatever until i got sick of lookin at it...
changed the greyscale to colourize in hue saturation thingy first btw...

Oro is from Capcoms Streetfighter III and all rights are belong to them X)


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