Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1hour Monster6: iPhone Zombie concept art

hey y'all monster lovin peepoh!

It's time for yet another episode of everyones favourite 1hour monster show! This one starring ZOMBIES!!! woohoo! and who doesn't love them some undead wrinkle skin now and again? huh? that's what I thought-nobody! and if you say 'not me' then please move along cuz this video be filled to the brim with ZOMBIES!!!! ...well only one zombie...and a bunch of thumbnails of his pre death...uh undeath? :P ok ok I'll stop's 830am as I type this and that's not cuz I'm up early...for me it's still yesterday...bed soon...mmm zzzz's

Zombies and the Infected!!
character concept sheet

I think it's a self portrait...

ps this is a concept for the iPhone survivor horror game I've been workin' on which is why I only took it to greyscale level...not cuz I ran outta time..nuh uh...

thanks for stoppin' by


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