Thursday, May 7, 2009

Exclusive Streetfighter comic at Target

yay more Capcom art gigs!

As the title suggests, these are pages from a Streetfighter comic that you could only get if you bought Streetfighter 4 at Target in the USA. It's a small comic the size of the instruction manual I believe(I don't have a copy myself...yet) I wish these were available in Canada too! It's a fun little comic and every page is full on action.

pencils/inks: Joe Vriens aka me
colours: Espen Grundetjern (Udon)
story: Matt Moylan (Udon)

Streetfighter © Capcom

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MvC2 Wolverine WIP


Here is the process for my current project Marvel vs Capcom 2. I get the 'how do you colour or how do you work' question often so here's my way of answering them all at the same time :P

To begin the final Wolverine character art, I cleaned up the thumbnail sketch they chose from a set of four(seen in a previous post . They like the arms posed in one and the legs posed in another so I combined the two. This happens occasionally and luckily the combination worked :)

From there I threw down some quick grey tones to help me visualize the form, gradually 'pulling and pushing' with lights and darks.

Eventually I get to a point where I draw it out with pencil in Sketchbook pro. I don't do this every time - I think I was struggling with Wolverine and couldn't figure it at the time.

Continuing on with the greys I start to chisel out parts giving him a highly exaggerated muscle definition typical of North American comics. I was going for a combination of Capcoms slightly cartoony and anime feel with the over the top anatomy of Marvel comics. This was definitely no easy task! I was told to match the style of my Ryu vs Sagat painting done for Udon's awesome Streetfighter Tribute book. This painting style was very new for me as I usually don't get rid of the line drawing completely. You would be surprised how much more work this creates! You can no longer rely on line to define anything.

I was still bothered by something so I experimented with proportions using the mask tool and resizing the head, legs and torso etc. I realized his head was way too small making his body look really big. Shrinking his legs down and bulking them up also brought him down to his familiar stocky build.

After the grey 'sculpting' was complete, I added a layer set to opacity and proceeded to colour with a brush set to colour mode. 'Other dynamics' and colour dynamics were selected to add subtle variation in otherwise flat colour. This technique was also experimental to me! Here's a tip boys and girls...practice and experiment in your spare time-NOT during a an assignment ;)

Then final touches come with another layer on top set to normal. During this time any loose ends are tidied up and the harsher highlights in the metals are tweaked. The highlights in eyes would normally come here but Wolverine has the typical glow eye look. I will then make a stamp layer (cmd shift E on Macs-not sure for PC's anymore, been awhile since I converted sorry) and adjust with levels and saturation tools.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and dirty tutorial! Stay tuned for more X)
joverine outs!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1hour monster Owl buggers

yay another 1hour monster! who's excited? me neither lol...well I'm happy I did s'more-I just couldn't really say that I'm EXCITED! ok maybe a little bit. The centaur beastie was originaly for Imagine FX but I forgot to hit the record button on my screen capture-thus couldn't submit the video-since it didn't exist :P Since I couldn't use it for the Imagine FX workshop I decided to continue rendering it a little bit-so this owl centaur isn't a true 1hour monster! apologies to the easily offended... The dog owl thing was a screencap I took after Photoshop notified me it needed to suddenly eff off-which was nice...but you can't hold this chump down! I just kept on truckin' until the software realized who was ya, these 'fumbles' may have set me back a few hours but result in s'more 1hour monsters for all you mega fans out thar!

joverine outs


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