Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look into my eyes

just a little teaser of something I've been workin' on as warmup sauce

let me know if you likey
or if I should bail on it

updated with full reveal of the work in progress-so it technically is still a teaser :P

joverine outs!

Watch your Back

Hey gang

posting a drawing I did back in o8
it consists of 2 of my own characters
both big hulkin fightin' dudes
of course
guy in the air is a battle berzerker bounty hunuter
named Balto(named before Disney made a cute dog movie...sigh)

and the unsuspecting beastie underneath him is Ogar(of previous posts)
When I have time I will develop these monkeys fully
until then they are a source of stress relief and
creative refuge

joverine outs

Battle Berzerker Balto & Ogar © Joe Vriens

Monday, May 11, 2009

Target Exclusive pt2

Here's 3 more Target Exclusive Streetfighter comic pages! Classics vs new with Guile vs Abel and of course Akuma vs Gouken. I think I need to play some SF4 now-it's been awhile.

joverine outs!

pencils/inks: Joe Vriens aka me
colours: Espen Grundetjern (Udon)
story: Matt Moylan (Udon)

Streetfighter © Capcom

Sunday, May 10, 2009

sharin' me joy

lots of people like to get together and whine about their problems...aka share their sorrow...but I choose the opposite, so I shall share my joy
was spotlighted over at Destructiod last friday! woohooo!
high five peep-oh!

ps Happy Mothers Day moms of earth!

joverine outs


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