Friday, May 22, 2009

Project Trico HD - PlayStation LifeStyle

sorry for the lack of art updates
but here's something that's worth checking out also!!
the creatures's animation is so convincing-award worthy imo
I will buy a PS3 for this game alone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Abominable Charles Christoper hits 100!

If you guys 'n' gals have yet to discover the joys of the Abominable Charles Christoper weekly webcomics I envy you-only because you get to enjoy 100 strips all in one sitting!!! I had to wait weekly to get my fix...ooooh sooo lucky.

Here's a tasty sample of the awesome sauce you will enjoy X)

and side stories featuring some amazing forest animal personalities that lighten up the mood if things get too heavy.

Now stop reading this and click on over with this link and thank me later X)

joverine outs!

Abominable Charles Christoper © Karl Kerschl

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Streetfighter comic for Enterbrain

I had the honour of being part of a Streetfighter collaboration with some of my fellow Udon noodles. It was a story split into 5 parts and drawn by 5 artists. Each streetfighter was shown to start with the upper hand but in each new section lose to the next opponent-showing there's always someone out there that's better. So keep that ego in check kiddies!
I've included 2pgs, thumbnails and a closeup of my favourite panel.

Here's a little blurb from the writers (Matt Moylan) website, lilformers with an explanation of the project
"...Recently UDON was invited to be part of the new Street Fighter Art Comic Anthology (ストリートファイター アート・コミック・アンソロジー), by Japanese publisher Enterbrain(best known as publishers of Japanese video game magazines such as Famitsu and Arcadia). UDON did a 20 page story in the book which also contains new material from SF manga artists Masahiko Nakahira, Masomi Kanzaki, Mami Itou, and others...each chapter of the 20 page story is by a different UDON artist - Chamba, Long Vo, Joe Vriens, Omar Dogan, and Joe Ng (with inks/colours on the Ng part by Crystal Reid/Espen Grundetjern)..."

My four pages featured C.VIper of Streetfighter 4 squared off against Guile in an explosive battle

In typical Joe Vriens fashion-I tried to bust out a new style while on the job-a common mistake I've been repeating as of late...why? probably that silly artistic ego combined with trying to push myself on every project that comes my way.

The negative: I put a lot of pressure and stress on myself considering there's a deadline and I'm basically making up the style as I go-evolving with each page-forcing me to revisit a previous page and updating the look to match newer ones...

The positive: by going the extra mile on each drawing I learn at a much faster rate. It seems that pressure can be an asset in some circumstances-in spite of how much I hate it.

One day I shall perfect my process...and end my day...
until then enjoy the suffering I inflict upon myself...

joverine outs

Streetfighter © Capcom


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