Wednesday, June 3, 2009

E3 and Imagine FX spotlights

Apparently it's joverine day because I was notified of 2 big public showings of my work. I saw on twitter that ImagineFX announced their new issue which includes a One Hour Monster feature (double page spread) and video of it on the bundled DVD! The spread shows a tutorial on the one hour monster techniques I use and the video shows the same monster being created in photoshop. Here's the page with the other features of this issue.

The 2nd announcement is more just me geeking out. Udon's facebook reveals that Capcom made a large poster featuring my Marvel vs Capcom 2 artwork promoting the game!! I love E3 (I've been to the show 2ce) and I love imagine the look on my face to see that! I see that E3 has returned to it's big over the top flashy show after a bit of a shuffle in recent years-awesome!

Things like this make me smile inside and out. It's funny because I recently twittered...tweeted? asking for motivation-half jokes half for real-and this shows up a couple days later-awesome! Maybe that law of attraction stuff works after all? :P

Anyways I thought I'd share some more joy and hopefully you guys n gals don't take it as bragging or anything and instead possibly use it as your own source of motivation? There's just something about seeing your hard work in print and shown off to the world that can kick your butt back in gear!

ImagineFX link
Capcom blog
Udon(jim zubs) Facebook link

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 wins IGN's E3 Best Fighting Game on the 360!

thanks as always
One Hour Monster © Joe Vriens

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guardian creature study

A study I did of one of the many monsters in the world of Balto-a personal project of mine that serves as a creative outlet when I feel the need.

I drew this awhile ago-possibly late o8 actually. I never really finished it but I thought I'd share it anyways. I'm not really sure what he is...a dragon centaur beastie?

I quickly sketched in some townsfold/barbarians to give a hint of this guardians role. I like to do this once in awhile to give a bigger sense of who the characters are and how they'd react to a random situation-not much going on here of course but I think you get the is that a pun?

joverine outs!

Balto and characters © Joe Vriens


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