Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Balto sculpt!

Apparently I'm one of those lucky guys that has a really large group of really REALLY good friends. The kind of friends that have your back when you're in trouble and also kick your ass back in gear if you're causing trouble. We've been through many ups and downs throughout the years sharing many many laughs over equally as many beers. Of course we've been through some tough times as well, but with a good circle of friends any obstacle can be overcome.

As if that wasn't enough most of them are also amazing artists working on all kinds of projects-from videogames to animation, movies and toys, backgrounds to characters and even special effects, tattoos and graphic design. The more I think of it the more I realise how awesome my life really is.(I'm making a point of this not to brag-but because I often catch myself sulking about trivial things instead of 'smelling the roses')

To give you just one small example of many I thought I'd post this amazing sculpt a very good buddy of mine Mike Roberts. His work is always professional and his resume is impressive!(short bio below) He made this sweet sculpt years ago just 'cause he wanted to-how cool is that?! It's a sculpt of my personal character Balto which some of you may already be familiar. When I saw this thing in the 'flesh' I was blown away-not only because of how badass it looks but because it was a selfless gift from one of my many close friends.

I hope you guys dig it-and stay tuned for a possible follow up to this amazing sculpt-years have passed and Mikey is stronger than ever-man...I can't even take it-it's gonna kick all kinds of ass!

thanks Mike!

Mike Roberts website

a little about Mike:
Animator and illustrator - Mike's work has included title sequences for TV's "Radio Free Roscoe," "Little Mosque on the Prairie," and Films like Ron Mann's "Tales of the Rat Fink," and "Know Your Mushrooms,"


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