Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chiustream with Stephen Silver!

Bobby Chiu (of Imaginism studios) does a live and interactive Ustream show daily with awesome live drawing and question sessions sharing his insights and stories for everyone that will listen! I've watched almost every show(missed one I think?) I like to have it on while I'm working since it feels like I'm not alone here in my studio lol...

Today Bobby did something a little different-he had a video interview with Stephen Silver!! for those of you that love his work or have yet to check it out visit his site here!! at the beginning of the interview Bobby asked Stephen to choose a topic for all the viewers to draw with a one hour time limit. Mr.Silver chose 'crazy cowboys' lol. Everyone was instructed to post a link on the imaginism blog for Stephen to see and choose a fav-winner gets an original Stephen Silver sketch mailed to them!! woot X) so this is my 1hour cowboy submission-wootx2 :P

anyways you peeps should all check out the Chiustream!! he announces the times on his twitter and facebook pgs

joverine outs X)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to make your own intro videos!

I found this awesome site called Animoto which allows you to make some pretty slick videos with very little effort! You can make your own videos in 3 simple steps. Upload your images, choose some music then finalize some settings...done...

The best part is you can remix the video with one simple click! I guess it's all done via some fancy pance program engine that anaylzes and mixes your media automatically!
here's another version I made doing just that :P

I'm still playing around with it and might actually consider using it for my actual dvd tutorials. Although I would definitely choose one of the upgraded versions for high resolution. I will do a full review if I go this route.

If you wanna check it out for yourself follow this link!

If you make your own videos let me know! and send me a link as well! Animoto is so much fun :P


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