Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween with Animal Planet!

To celebrate Halloween Animal Planet has set up some creepy web-fun on their site called Creaturefy!
You can upload your photos and swap your parts for monster parts :)
you have the option of saving your creaturefication and sharing on fbook etc also.
The site design was done the amazing BakerandHill peeps while the monster heads and parts were done by yours truly.

Send me your creaturific creations!!! or a link to them and I'll share them here on my blog!

I've included some of the werewolf designs I did and will update more in a bit
The top one was the final coloured one used
2nd is the final line art version used
3rd and 4th were some of the developmental works I did that didn't make final cut :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

some bish from Darkstalkers

was warming up with my sketchbook the other day and decided to explore one of my favourite Capcom characters. Bishamon is an undead samurai possessed by his demon kick ass is that? if that wasn't cook enough he's got a demon face as a torso!!! haha well I think it's kick ass anyways...

for these I switched between Col erase 'light blue', 'blue', and 'carmine red'. I also sketched and shaded with a black fine point pen(just a ball point pen...brand name Zebra for those interested) Also used a brush pen for the thicker lines. The sketchbook is an old one I had laying around from my college days. (11x17 65lb paper)

I had a tonne of fun using the limited colour palette which happened to fit nicely with Bishamon's colour scheme.

joverine outs!
snakt snakt!

Bishamon & Darkstalkers ©CAPCOM

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my Frankenstein for the Mike Mignola Chiustream

as the lengthy title explains, this was my entry for the Mike Mignola contest that was on Bobby Chiu's Chiustream!

For those that don't know:
Bobby has a daily show on Ustream (and his schoolism site) where he draws live and chats with anyone that's logged in. Occasionally he interviews professional artists working in the industry. A topic is selected before the interview and the viewers are instructed to illustrate and submit their work to the schoolism site. Bobby then Twitters a time frame in which everyone can vote on all the submissions. The top 3 get sent to the guest artist who then chooses the winner. The prize is an original drawing created by the guest artist which is mailed to the winner! Be sure to check in with Twitter/Facebook to find out when to submit or you'll miss the voting deadline like I did with this one!!! AAAGH!!
sigh...ok ok..I'm back...

Bobby gets some big names on there. The list so far is character designer Stephen Silver(Kim Possible, Danny Phantom), comic book super star Alvin Lee(Streetfighter comics,Agent X, Darkstalkers etc), character designer Peter de Seve (Mulan,Tarzan,Ice Age etc) and Justin "Coro" Kaufman of Massive Black & and most recently Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame!!!
For anyone that is interested in seeing the faces behind their artwork and to hear their thoughts I definitely recommend checkin out the Chiustream blog for more info :)


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