Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Art of Joverine book? ...playing with iPhoto

haha my jofolio!


well I was playing around in iPhoto-and within a few minutes slapped together a sloppy virtual artbook.
just thought I'd share it with those that are interested :P
I'm not sure I can actually make a book with so much licensed works though--anybody know the ins and outs of that? cheeks I'm lookin' at you man! haha

note-I just grabbed a few things to throw in this test-(so there isn't much flow through the pages yet)
and to be honest I do not have enough work to fill up a full colour book at this moment in time...
if I were to make a book is there anything I've done that you feel HAS to be in it?
thnx in advance for any feedback!

iPhoto is a really easy to use program wow!...but you are limited with options for book layouts(as far as I can tell after one session :P ) I'm not using the latest version...



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