Saturday, January 2, 2010

$10 Credit When You Order Tatsunoko VS Capcom/Dark Void From!

Capcom is renowned for it's legendary artwork from an amazing lineup of games including the Streetfighter series and equally epic Mega Man series.

I was obsessed as a kid with anything they pumped out because of the extremely high quality work that came from their artists.

Capcom is still a huge influence on me decades later and hopefully decades more.  Here's some tasty treats from my favourite gaming provider.
First up, some game deals!! $10 game credit from Amazon!

Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars !  Pre Order this game for you Wii and get your $10 game credit!  Sa weetoh!  I'm pretty eager to check out Morrigan in 3D and play some gotchamon goodness haha.  I'm still in disbelief this franchise made it over the pond, I guess time's are a changing!  I'm hoping for a tasty sweet artbook on this game too.   PS. yours truly even did one of the endings ;) woots!

here's a game that I've had an eye on since SDCC 2yrs ago.  * Dark Void looks like some good times.  A new franchise that is lookin to have some promise!  It is available on * Xbox * PS3 and * PC also all on Amazon and also with the $10 game credit if you preorder! booyah

Next up some awesome artbooks!

Who's got some Mega luvin' for some Mega Man!  er wait... Udon is known for their high quality publishing from their comics to their beautiful full colour artbooks.  One of the most anticipated by Mega Man fans has got to be these 2 tasty treats!*  Mega Man: Official Complete Works and * Mega Man X: Official Complete Works which both feature character designs, box & promo art, and even some rare art to satisfy those mega um...cravings?

and as mentioned in a previous post *SF20:The Art of Streetfighter artbook is a must have!! 320 pgs of pure awesome sauce-it's actually my favourite streetfighter reference book because it sorts the art by the artist and even has artist comments on most pages!! So if you're like me and love Capcom work and weren't 100% sure who did what art this is the book for you.

You can still order  * SF20 from Amazon for a mere $26.39! That’s more than 1/3 off the cover price! Streetfighter 4 concept art!! go get!

whew that was a lot of I know why they say pimpin aint easy...haaha
oh well it's all worth it, after all Capcom, Streetfighter and Mega Man are all huge sources of artistic inspiration!


disclaimer:  I am only endorsing these products on personal preference, opinions may vary.  I am not responsible for the condition the products arrive in as I am merely passing on an opinion and not the provider of the products.  Use your own judgement and only buy what you want to buy based on your own opinions :)
*links are with the Amazon Associates program, meaning I receive a % of sales.  As always I will only endorse products I actually like and or own.  There is no added cost to you so have no fear!  If anything I will do my best to find the deals as I am aware of them :)  There are also ads and banners and at times contextual links that may or may not result in an affiliate commission as well.  These will have products chosen automatically (by Adsense and/or Clickbank)  I am providing this information to be fully transparent as I believe in honesty and integrity.  If you have any questions at all feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer them!  Thanks in advance for any click throughs!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a fun warmup exercise to try

I decided to try out *kizer's "Blank Face" as a warmup before working on some Darkstalkers pages. The premise is simply to draw how you feel within the template provided (the simple line drawing shown)
There are a number of these faces which can be found on his Deviantart site.  I've included some WIP shots for those interested in my whacky process :P


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