Thursday, January 7, 2010

sketchbook 2010

New Subconscious Drawing! (WIP)

I've been workin on this one whenever I go to bed and can't sleep -either too wired from a busy day at the drawing boar--er tablet... or having that one extra cup o' joe or whatever reason.

I started drawing on the back of a failed Darkstalkers page with a ballpoint pen.  I kind of stared at the blank page until I saw something-an eye or a tooth or a spikey whatever- and traced it-as soon as I finished with that part I would stop until the next vision came and so on.  I call this type of drawing subconscious drawing because I put pen to paper only when I successfully blank my mind for a few seconds and trace.

Needless to say these completed drawings take time.  There is a certain mindset needed to make them and I'm not always able to get there.  So far this one has existed for a month or so and considering its at the bottom of a comic board(11x17) standing vertically-It'll be awhile before it's all done.

I love these drawings because they tend to entertain me-as I have no (conscious) idea of what's coming.  It's as if I'm watching someone else draw.  Weird? maybe...or maybe I'm delusion from lack of sleep and too much coffee...but whatever the reason these are wicked fun!

I hope to finish a bunch of these up and include them in a 2o10 sketchbook for the con season.  Either a standalone subconscious drawing book or if I don't get enough done,  just part of another book.  I guess time will tell huh?

ok back to crunch time



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