Saturday, January 30, 2010

C.Viper and her little chibi

So I did a sketch of C.Viper in an old cartoony style I developed while working on the PS2 Dodgeball game from way back in the IRD1 days.  This was up on Deviantart a couple days ago but I added the chibi version next to her today as my warmup.
I dig C.Viper's design and she's kinda fun to play in Streetfighter IV as well
chibi ftmfw!

C.Viper/Streetfighter IV ©CAPCOM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad art ebooks!

pic for click
(blurry iPhone pic of my sketchbook)
some designs from my personal project
Balto is the dude with the red wraps
and Ogar is the dude behind him in blue
(maybe iPad will have a scanning app? lol)

With the announcement of the new iPad I got to thinking how awesome a high quality ebook could be.

The screen size is perfect for viewing some HD sketches and paintings etc and you could zoom in and possibly have some funky features to go with it.  I have to admit I was hoping the announcement was for Apples version of the Cintiq-paired with their Macbook Pro(sort of like an official Modbook)  But maybe this is still a possibility is some form via a Sketchbook Pro app with a stylus(like they have for iPhones?)

Anyways, I'm just thinkin outloud here-and chiming in on the buzz.  I would love to hear your thoughts about this new $499-$829 iPad gizmo!


*edit--HAHA whoops did Steve Jobs happen to see this?

the forgotten Capcom files revealed!

I did a tiny bit of organizing the iMac and found some Capcom warmup sketches I didn't post but meant to.  I wasn't sure they were strong enough as single posts so I opted for a cut'n'pastor group post.

Hopefully since they're posted all at once it fools your brain with quantity over quality? haha

So there's stuff from Darkstalkers and Streetfighter IV-the abandoned collage that will probably never get done and studies for the Darkstalkers comic.  The rest are randoms either from my head or reference from my favourite Streetfighter artbook !

*all the hotlinks take ya to Amazon in case you wanna pick up any of the items mentioned


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