Thursday, February 11, 2010

MvC dreams in mah sketchbook

Before pencilling Darkstalkers pages I like to warm up with some drawings in my sketchbook.  I've been on a col-erase kick for some time now-usually using Carmine red-which scans in kinda pinkish : P
At times I will add in light blue, blue or whatever other colours I have on hand but stuck with the red for this one.  Each colour has a slightly different feel to them-sorta like different lead hardness between a 2b and a 3b lets say-maybe not so drastic?

*the warmup started after droolin over Joe Mad's Ultimates comic(pencils version) which gets my artistsauce flowin' -this explains why some of you will recognize the Venom in the sketch ;)  I would draw a character or 2 and get back to the Darkstalkers comic but return to it when I had an idea for another character.  This kept me fresh on the DS pgs even though on paper it seems like it would take longer-but struggling through a page eats time like nothing else!

here's a crappy photo of the page when I first started it-Ryu had to leave-Donovan's arms had to be redone etc...

Sentinel and Justin Seyfert(heh)
FanFour's Thing

Warzard's Leo
Darkstalkers Donovan/Bishamon
Streetfighters M.Bison/Akuma/Blanka

Bonus character cyborg dread girl©joverine

I wanna buy a fresh sketchbook and fill it like this me thinks...The one I have has a blue cover-with a sort of lego floor texture to it-you know the pads you could buy for lego men's feet to stick to ?(well any lego piece :P ) there's no identifiable markings on it whatsoever!  How am I to stay loyal to your brand?! hahaha-if anyone has some insight lemme know!


Tastunoko vs Capcom is a hit!

Tastunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars for the Nintendo Wii is getting mega luvin in reviews EVERYWHERE! woot!
This is awesome since I did the pencils for Megaman Zero's ending!!!

You can check it out here

Wow there's also a Tastunoko vs Capcom arcade fighting stick? crazy sauce!
So what are you waiting for people!  Support Capcom Udon and joverine by following this link and getting your copy today! haha no pressure ;)



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