Sunday, May 2, 2010

Calgary Expo Pinup

Did this for the Calgary Expo.
The artists attending contributed a pinup for the artbook
that's sold on the show floor.  
The originals were auctioned off for charity which was cool.
I had an amazing time at the comic con and the Banff retreat that followed.
I met some mega talented peeps who tore it up at the drink'n'draw!
I think I lost 5lbs from laughing my ace off.
good times!
I did another variant of it
adjusting hue/saturation and levels.
and here's the clean line drawing
I did in Sketchbook Pro
This image was done digitally so
I had to print it out and redraw it for the auction,
since they wanted original art.
here's an iPhone photo of the physical copy
I made with Carmine Red Col-erase

all characters shown here are original IP
and ©Joe Vriens


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