Wednesday, June 9, 2010

some A-kon drawings

Was in Dallas for the first time last week
at the awesome A-kon
There were so many crazy costumes
and everybody was so happy and friendly.
I would definitely love to attend again next year.

Here are some of the 
head sketches I did while at the Udon table
a Chun Li inside a fan's
SF20 the art of Streetfighter
and the Alpha version of her
in the back of the same book :)
Alex in another inside cover
here's a Makoto from SFIII & Super Streetfighter 4
and below are some of the full size commissions too.
obligatory Blanka!
and had fun drawing my first
Ibuki commission!

Eric Vedder and I were swamped with 
commissions from the moment the con started 
to about half hour after the con closed!
So much work but so much fun!
seeya at the  next con!


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