Thursday, July 8, 2010

VENT: Udon artists get personal

I can finally talk about Udon's newest book!
It goes on sale at the San Diego Comic Con!!!
This thing has been in talks
then 'in the works' for what feels like ages!
Probably because I'm so freakin' excited about it.
Basically, it's an anthology similar to Flight
or Apple (the artbooks, not the Mac/iPhone stuff)
or any other collective of awesome you can think of.
There are stories, pinups, personal galleries
and a juicy tutuorial section by 
all your favourite Udon noodles.
Yours truly submitted a pinup, sketchbook gallery and
a lengthy tutorial explaining(aka rambling) about
how I create my artsauce.
I highly recommend VENT to everyone and anyone.
Please help spread the word!!!
If it's popular enough I bet Udon
will make more volumes!!!

Here's the awesome cover by Arnold Tsang

and a sneak peak at my tutorial too ;)

Featured artists include:
Attila Adorjany Jay Axer,  Greg Boychuk,  Christine Choi Jeffrey Cruz,  Steven Cummings,  Omar Dogan,  Dax Gordine,  Andrew Hou,  Eric Kim,  Alvin Lee,  Leo Lingas,  Matt Moylan,  Joe Ng,  Ryan Odagawa,  Saejin Oh,  Gonzalo Ordonez Crystal Reid,  Arnold Tsang,  Eric Vedder,  Long Vo, Emily Warren,  Jim Zubkavich 
and yours truly ;) 


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