Friday, July 16, 2010

Joe Vriens iPad/iPhone app is out!

My iPad/iPhone app is out!
I am geeking out about this!
Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios invited me to 
make my own artist sketchbooks app!!!
You can download it through the iTunes store(search Joe Vriens)
or follow through this link 
There's a tonne of awesome artist sketchbooks on this site
and I'm honoured to share some virtual shelf space 
with all this talent!
This app is compatible with iPhone and iPad
and is iOS4 tested!

Please pass this around as I don't have  marketing budget
and I could use all the help I can get lol.


Art of Capcom2 debuts at San Diego Comic Con 2010!

Pencils in red and blue col erase

Colours done in Photoshop with Cintiq

Here is my contribution to the Art of Capcom2 book that should be premiering
at the San Diego Comic Con next week!!!

I drew dozens of sketches out trying many different ideas.
here's a few that were to be part of scrapped ideas:
I was going to use a single page Akuma initially(above)
The idea of capcom on Halloween was another scrapped idea :P
above is another colour attempt-I was really trying to preserve the pencils
wanted a raw look that I think suited the intensity of the subject matter ;)
I like how the ibuki was turning out here...
This older post was also intended for this book--link here 
For more information on the book you should head over 
to Udon's Deviantart site
You can just buy your own over on Amazon through this link!

characters ©CAPCOM


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