Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sketchaholic Marathon:little ugly creature

Here's my entry for the 
Sketchaholic Marathon held by the 
awesome peeps of Imaginism Studios.
If you haven't checked it out I 
highly recommend you do.
It's a great way to push yourself 
and grow as an artist since each image
has to be completed and uploaded within the hour!
This is where my one hour monster tutorials really comes in handy ;)
The topic for this one was
'little ugly creature'

These are the same peeps that offer 
some amazing online courses.
The teachers are not only working professionals,
but some of the top talent in their industries.
If you're interested follow this link.

Here's a look at the layers I used(above)
Layer set to Normal
Greyscale sketch using 2 different brushes(doesn't really matter which)
and smudge tool for the 'hair'
Layer set to Normal
Grass layers using a brush that looked like 3 hairs :)
Layer set to Overlay
Black and white used to create the sunbeam
and also adjust light and shadow
(I use an overlay layer because I can lighten or darken 
without distorting the actual drawing)
I also added in some fireflies/dust particles here.
Layer set to Colour
Colours added on this layer.
Layer set to Overlay
A blue/green gradient was added to
create a mystical forest type feeling.

And of course I applied my 1hour monster techniques,
although I went with the 1st thumbnail I created since
I started late.  This creature was completed in about
40min. start to finish :)

Thanks to T.bear, Peter Chan and Bobby Chiu for today's Sketchaholic Marathon!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Go Shark yourself with Discovery Channel!

Shark week 2010!
It's that time of year again
and this year I was able to participate directly!
I was commissioned by the amazing Baker & Hill 
 to do all the shark parts for the funky
Shark yourself interactive on Discovery Channel's website!

You upload your photo and 
add various shark parts like eyes and fins etc
until you morph yourself into a shark-human hybrid!
very similar to the creaturefy stuff I worked on last year.
silly fun sauce
more fun than even a double rainbow...
I uploaded a portrait of Frankenstein that I did awhile back
and gave him the Shark Yourself treatment.

So go shark yourselves and if you send me yours
I'll post 'em up on this blogpost!

Happy Shark Week everyone!

Here's the link to go Shark Yourself.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Animoto is my favourite way to make videos! hands down

So I made a promo video 
featuring my recently released Scatterbrains (iPhone/iPad app)
I didn't have much time to create a video,
not to mention edit it and make it look pro-sauce...
so I turned to my favourite video editing site...Animoto!

The app features all original creator owned artwork.
There's even a few that have not been published anywhere,
online or otherwise!
I love how you can zoom into each drawing to check out the details up close.
I also love seeing my art in my iPhone! awesome-sauce!
I can't even imagine how sweet the iPad version must be...must resist purchase...
Here's a link to the Artist Sketchbooks site which you can follow to the App store
or you can just go into iTunes and search "Joe Vriens"

The app is a collection of my artwork
for your iPad or your iPhone.
In Bobby Chiu's words it's 'inspiration in your pocket' !

Create your own video slideshow at

I love Animoto!
It's the easiest way to make a quick 'n' dirty video 
featuring slides of artwork (or photos)
dynamically moving across the screen with an overlaying music track.

It's literally 3 steps from start to finish!
I'm pretty sure a drunken monkey could figure it out =]
If you want to make you own videos
head on over to the Animoto site and sign up
its free-unless you want to go with pro version.
I use the free version so far which is perfect for my needs.
You can also buy custom themes but again, I stick with the freebies :P

Thanks for all the amazing support to everyone that stops by and says hi.
I hope you know how much I appreciate the lovin'!

joe are up on the blog once again...Let me know how you feel about that in comments section!


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