Monday, August 9, 2010

Sketchaholic Marathon: Sharks, cows an icecream!

Sharks like icecream too!
This was my 2nd Sketchaholic contest of the day.
The topic was "Animal for a head"
My buddy showed up 15min. after starting it so I just posted what I had.
We left to grab some supplies(printer ink)
When I got back I had a pleasant surprise...
Turns out I won that one !!!
This just proves that the training is working right?
or the first attempt was a 'try hard'
This was my 1st entry for Sketchaholic today.
The topic was "Strange Encounter"
I wasn't happy with how it turned out,
but submitted it anyway.
Sketchaholic is all about training to think faster
and sharpening your skillz so swallow your pride right?
This one was for a previous Sketchaholics session.
The topic was 'Little street performer'
I didn't finish in time to upload it as I started it so late in the hour.

This is quickly becoming my favourite way to train at my craft.
I love the challenge Sketchaholic contests provide!


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