Thursday, November 18, 2010

We have our own TV show!!!

Well it finally happened.  I'm on TV!
(well sorta)
here's the story:
My good buddy Dax Gordine ( were enjoying a pint at a local pub and shootin' the shit.  We usually talk about life in general, what we want to do with our art and the like.
I had this idea of making some type of online virtual comic con type show for some time now and ran it past Dax.  He immediately loved it and his enthusiasm for it brought it to life!
I mean, check out this amazing promo piece he did for it!
  I love Dax's passion when he finds something he loves.  
It's contagious.  
I often have ideas that end up wasting away on post it notes or envelopes because I just lack the faith or motivation to bring them all to life.  Sometimes he comes across a sketch on some crumpled piece of paper I have or in my sketchbook and yells at me for not showing him earlier-or for not finishing it or for not posting it online hahaha-everyone should have a friend like him.  There are many drawings that would have spent the rest of their lives in the recycle bin if it weren't for him!
He doesn't blow smoke up your ass either-if he doesn't like something he'll tell ya.
When that happens I listen.  Dax has an amazing eye when it comes to art-I keep telling him he should be an art director.  He always knows how to improve my drawings without bruising my ego.
Thanks buddy!

We tried using Ustream and ran into technical difficulties-then Live Stream...more issues...we were about to give up.  2months later Dax mentions that Jeffery Cruz has been drawing live for the last few days. Some of you may recognize him as lastscionz on Deviantart or 
Chamba aka Udon noodle/mega talent that creates glorious Streetfighter comics.  
This created a spark of interest of course!
 Dax and I were watching Chamba on BlogTV which inspired us to open up our own account.
Thanks to some help from Chamba and Robaato(co-host), we were able to set everything up within minutes.
I casually started to sketch out a Ryu bust to test things out.  I started to get into it and even began to colour it when Dax realized we were live-and we already had 4 viewers?!  
We didn't announce anything and it was merely seconds after we opened the account!  
I added some shading to the Ryu bust and handed the wacom pen over to Dax.
He immediately drew the same Ryu but in his signature chibi style.
We'll probably do this type of sketch jam collaboration often on JoGeeTV.

We signed out of BlogTV but within an hour or two I fired up the Cintiq again and
 started another broadcast.
I started doodling what ended up being a werewolf.(surprise)
This one took about 2hours-with a half hour break in there somewhere.  I'm sure viewers popped in and out as I'm not sure who could sit and watch for 2hours straight...

Here's a closeup of the werewolf head as requested by some of the viewers.  Apparently the resolution is low on BlogTV-something Dax and I will try to resolve if possible from our end.

The show is currently scheduled weekly on Friday evenings-8pmEST
The plan is to have an hour show but it may go longer?
We're going to wing it until the show develops its own unique flavour.
Here's a link- JoGeeTV 
(we just combined our alter egos- joverine and D_Gee haha)
be sure to subscribe so you get a heads up when the next episode airs-or if we have more secret impromptu shows :D


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