Friday, November 26, 2010

Want to avoid Black Friday lineups and brawls? shop online! iPhone/iPad cases now available!

*super long scroll down post :D
Some of you may or may not already be aware, but I have a Zazzle store featuring my art on perdy products from mugs to iPhone cases!  It's actually through Artsprojekt which is part of the Zazzle site.  I'm extra excited to have the iProducts available-maybe because it's a new option that just launched on the site?
Here's a sneak peak of some of the items for sale there... 
***(note-some of the poster default prices are on higher settings-check size and quality if you prefer a lower price-some are set to huge! which obviously cost more)***

Beastly werewolf speckcase
Beastly werewolf by joverine
Browse more iphone 4 cases

Pink Sock (also avail on iPhones)


You can adjust the price by choosing sizes and quality options(I noticed the default option is on a higher setting here)
so yeah...I'm obviously excited to have my art on stuff-it just makes it more real to me somehow.  I always tried to imagine how it would feel to have something I drew(for myself) on mugs or posters etc!
Look around the artsprojekt site-there's tonnes of awesome artists there btw!

Here's some of my favs
Camilla d'Errico

Pascal Campion

and an artist I discovered through Artsprojekt Yukari Masuike (toronn)

whew! that was a lot of work haha
oh well-fun to share


Monday, November 22, 2010

livestream Warrior dude

Here's a quick video of the progress.
If you're interested in watching this guy being created in real time follow this link to jogeetv on livestream.
If you don't know what jogeetv is you can get an explanation in my previous post.
Here's the link(this one explains that we're on blogtv instead of livestream-we haven't picked one yet :P )

Photoshop CS4
(brush=Splatter 27 pixels 1--that's what it says when I hover over the brush =P )
Cintiq 20wsx
1hour(and 45seconds apparently)


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