Saturday, June 4, 2011

JoGeeTV topic: DC comics reboot(sorta)

Hey everyone!
Here's a quick post of jogeetv episode 205!
The topic was DC reboot-
although we didn't really reboot much, 
just kinda drew some DC characters suggested
by our viewers and/or our Deviantart polls.
I combined the 3 images into 1 wallpaper
left side is my Joker, the middle is Dax's Dick Grayson and far right is my Gorilla Grodd(or just a gorilla with metal tentacles...)
download for Cintiq 20wsx sized wallpaper :D
Thanks for stopping by!
here's a link to the JoGeeTV show homepage.

joverine outs
snakt snakt!

The Joker, Dick Grayson and Gorilla Grodd ©DC comics
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