Friday, July 8, 2011

Red Hulk needs Coffee NOW!

Red Hulk needs more lovins
or a nice hot cup of fresh coffee!!!
I sketched this out in between matches
of my ritual of Breakfast Halo.
I think my craving of bitter brew inspired the mood of this one ;)

the pen is a Pentel brush pen-awesome
and the pencil is a Carmin Red Col Erase pencil
sharpener is crap-dont buy it lol
sketchbook is um...
or so it says on the back 8.5x11
White out for the white scratchy bits
and some Copic Markers
Soon after posting this on Twitter I received a reply with 

This was done by Melanie Manuel
her Twitter is @iammelon
and her blog can be found here!
another piece of fanart!
this one done by
Jeffrey Riddle
his Twitter is @1afro78
thanks for tuning in to the jogeetv show buddy!
looks great man :)

Red Hulk ©Marvel
links provided are amazon affiliate links ;)
this means:
Same price to you and you support this humble sketchin dude!
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