Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Marvel VS Capcom Pinup
by Joverine

Short and sweet post as it's been a day since I've updated this blog!
I've been meaning to make 1 of those animated process shot gifs all the cool kids are using
so I made an MvC version of my own.

This was Pinup was created for the Udon art book "Marvel VS Capcom: Official Complete Works"
That was available this past comic con season. A visual feast worth having in your artbook collection.
Here's a link if you don't already have it.
It's an affiliate link(gives joverine some coffee money at no extra cost to you)
and here's a non-affiliate link if you prefer. 
and click the image below for a better view of the final.

Capcom characters ©CAPCOM
Marvel characters ©Marvel


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