Sunday, May 5, 2013

Livestream pencil and inks (traditional-yo)

For those that don't know, I have another livestream account(several apparently... oops)
The weekly show I with cohost Dax "D-Gee" Gordine is called JoGeeTV 
and the link is up there at the top of this blog under the header.
**video was deleted-
new.livestream deletes them after a month unless you pay monies
so...its gone, but I'm sure I'll post more eventually here:

The other one I have is a spontaneous solo livestream that I use mainly 
to stream my traditional stuff. For now that means pencil/ink. 
I had the audio off for 90% of the video so I could focus on inking. 

Here's the link to the joverine livestream.
It is a different link from the embedded video in this post because I f'd up
 and signed into my old abandoned livestream test account 
when I made that video... so if you're going to follow one
I recommend following the one in this paragraph, not the one from the embedded video.
Sorry for the confusion.

I apologize for the shaky cam as I'm holding the iPhone(to record) in my other hand.

One day I'll get a proper tripod thingy...hopefully...or one will magically show up at my door...until then the cam will be a shakin'

Be sure to click that follow button to be notified of my random streams.
I think you have to sign in to even see the video so 
you're halfway there at that point.
(you can sign in using facebook)


*some swearsies when the audio turns on at the end...
links are affiliate links-these no extra cost to you
and serve to help support this artist!
If you prefer non-affiliate links hop on your fav search engine :)

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